The arts

Nomadland: a road after Empire

Reporters witness events unfolding in snapshots of time, then they pass on those glimpses of people and places to audiences. The chroniclers, recording history in a hurry, rarely see what happens to the subjects of […]

The arts

Making music contagious

Live music performances have been effectively quarantined during the pandemic, but songs are still being written and Reno’s indie bands continue to play and evolve during the lockdown. They need a vehicle with better sound […]

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Shot through with socialism Holy Frijoles, Sierra County just got another dose of Radical Socialism!  I went over to Loyalton (that bastion of communism) and got my free flu shot.  There were several other seniors […]


Coping with COVID stress

If researchers came up with a method to challenge the mental health of every human on the planet, they couldn’t have designed a better test than the isolation and demoralization embedded in COVID-19 pandemic. “It’s […]


Reno offers free therapy

Since Dec. 21, about 500 people have signed up for Talkspace, a digital mental health therapy system provided by the City of Reno. That leaves about 200,000 residents also eligible for the free service. City […]

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