nevada history

Saving Bowers Mansion

“Ladies, let us buy it!” “It” was the popular Bowers Mansion, a gem of northern Nevada’s mining legacy in Washoe Valley, which was put up for sale by its 82-year-old owner in January 1946. The […]


Bait and switch?

A Reno developer cut down trees and bulldozed a block-long segment of Washington Street while four appeals against the project remain in progress. The appellants and other opponents of the development were outraged April 27, […]

The arts

Art conquers COVID

Art springs anew in Reno, even in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.  A powerful force in area arts, Sierra Arts Foundation has grown stronger in the last year. The foundation not only survived the […]


The lithium paradox

Proponents tout the Thacker Pass lithium mine as a “carbon neutral” venture that will counter climate change; opponents say the Trump administration’s rushed approval of the project ignored significant environmental impacts and will dry up […]


No mine should be expedited

Modern large-scale mining is very destructive to the natural ecosystems and often disruptive to hosting communities. It is estimated by the United Nations International Resource Panel that, “90 percent of biodiversity loss and water stress […]